Robinson’s first full-length publication, “Vogue 3:16,” was released in 2014 by Wrags Ink. Reader, Leslie Hoffman, notes, ” Vogue 3:16 is filled with poetry I wish I’d written myself. I do not share this poet’s background, yet I find something in each of her pieces that I can relate to. And don’t let Robinson’s apparent unpretentious-ness mislead you into thinking her poems are simplistic. The opposite is true, and this is her genius.” Vogue’s work has been published in Red Rock Review, Catching Calliope: Vol. 2, Legs of Tumbleweeds, Wings of Lace: An Anthology of Literature by Nevada Women, Clark: Poetry from Clark County, Nevada and a few online blogs as well. Vogue’s recent work has focused on exploring contemporary cultural and family dynamics through the lens of classic fairy tales; a volume of this work is forthcoming.


Named Clark County Nevada’s second poet laureate in 2017, Robinson says she writes primarily to find clarity and to tell her family’s story. This explains why her work is largely narrative and conversational. Recently, she has opened herself up to writing commissioned poems for private clients and crafting impromptu poems on typewriters with The Zelda Fitzgeralds. She was introduced to Spoken Word by her friend, Nicole, while in college at San Diego State University (SDSU). She was apprehensive to share any of her written work with others, but soon the audience became part of the reason why she performed. Spoken Word brings a new element to her writing, “I perform to remind myself that I am amazing because sometimes I forget when I’m not onstage.”


Vogue’s grandmother, Martina Carpenter, was also an educator and taught almost every level while taking care of her family. She began in Art Education at Fisk University and retired from Good Hope Elementary School as a second grade teacher. It was no surprise when Vogue decided she wanted to be an educator like her Gramma.

Robinson is a graduate of SDSU where she earned her BA in English (in preparation for a teaching credential). While traditional classrooms proved a challenge, Vogue remains passionate about sharing what she has learned with others. She has an appreciation for human beings who find ways to put truth and heart into words. She leads community workshops on selected poets at Pearson Center and Winchester Cultural Center through Clark County Poet Laureate Programs. She continues educating others as a teaching artist at schools such as Gilbert Magnet Elementary School, Alexander Dawson School, Adelson Educational Campus, Valley High School and many other schools and non-profits throughout the Vegas Valley. Vogue also serves as the executive director of Poetry Promise Inc. (poetrypromise.org), which develops community-based programs to promote poetry and the literary arts in Clark County.


“Beautifully written. Soulful, candid, and warm. This book of poetry puts words to paper the way Mama cooks. No measurements, no recipes, does so with a knowledge that surpasses what is taught in school and to a method all her own. A body of work that can never be emulated because you won’t be able to get it to “taste” just right. A beautiful spirit is transfixed within these pages. Only by reading it, do you feel this divine presence. Written for a spectrum of women, from most every facet of life. We all have been that young girl, that young lady, and aspire to be that woman in some form or fashion. Open your eyes to allow this wonderful voice in. With every page you are moved. Allow yourself to experience an earthquake, you won’t be the only one who felt it.”

-Shea Ellis, Writer and Avid Reader