Pre-Order - Vogue 3:16 Audiobook!

Pre-Order - Vogue 3:16 Audiobook!

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This is the 9 year anniversary of my full length collection "Vogue 3:16"! Yes, a whole 9 years of these here poems! Celebrate with me by listening to the audiobook!  When you pre-order the audiobook you will receive access to multiple bonus tracks prior to the release date of March 16th!


Thank you for rocking with me all these years, I appreciate y'all so very much!


Track List:

Sometimes I Forget To Breathe

The Mission

Sometimes I Comb My Hair - Poem

Please Stop Advertising Ways to Take Away My Flavor

Denture Love

Use Your Words

For Eryn (16)

Aunt Juanita

Mi Prima (for my cousin, Valora)

J. Holiday

Johnny Appleseed

Eddie Murphy

What They Call You



The Ramblings of A Fearful Woman


You Only Said Goodbye with Words (for Amy Winehouse)